Real-Estate Investors Network

ImmoGreen Estates works with a worldwide network of investors. Our mission is to connect investors with the right projects and thus enable the project.

We at ImmoGreen Estates are convinced that intelligence combined with professionalism and creativity is more important than money. Of course, it always takes money to buy and develop real estate. But money typically follows promising projects.

The unique approach of ImmoGreen Estates is therefore to develop real estate projects “smart” and give investors a perspective. We strive to transfer excellent intelligence, creativity, professionalism, passion and smart money into sustainable and profitable projects.

We think and act globally but with a responsible relationship to the geographical environment of the respective projects. We combine the input of the world’s best partners into a sustainable project in the respective community.

For a project to be successful, all ingredients must perfectly fit together to naturally develop the expected results.

Alfred Dobias