Step 1: Well-curated crowdsourced intelligence

There are interesting real estate projects all over the world. Especially in the low- and medium dollar volume sector. Many of them remain undiscovered because there is no one interested to search for or recognize potential projects. The potential of a project is the result of the property’s location combined with a smart development approach.

Connected World

The first step in identifying real estate projects is, therefore, to mobilize local people and unfreeze their knowledge. The Internet makes this possible today. According to Internet World Stats, by the end of 2019 more than 4.5 billion people worldwide were connected to the Internet. That is just under 59% of the total population.

Worldwide Internet UsageThis gives us the critical mass to digitally tap into the knowledge of people and communities worldwide. For many of these cybercitizens, it is now easier to do banking or shopping via mobile phones or the Internet than in the real world. Especially for purely digital goods such as “information”, the Internet has also proven its worth in developing countries. Cybersociety is basically (almost) border and barrier-free.

Rewards for Valuable Information

Experience in recent years shows that individuals can be efficiently integrated into networked and virtual organizations with appropriate reward programs. MezzaCap (www.mezzacap.com), the platform developed by ImmoGreen Estates, has therefore set up a reward programme to reward individuals and organisations for intelligence.

Well-Curated intelligence

Information in itself is not actionable intelligence. Actionable intelligence can only be developed in context with other information. A team of ImmoGreen RE Profilers operating worldwide takes on the task of curating the information submitted by people and thus transforming it into actionable intelligence.

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