Project Development

The success of a real-estate project depends not only on the location. This is a factor that typically cannot be changed anyway. The success of a real estate project depends on what you do with a given location. The respective location and the respective project must be seen in the context of its surroundings and the community. Every real estate project can enhance or damage the value of its surroundings.

ImmoGreen Estates bases its real estate development on exactly this context and the sustainability of a project. This, in turn, is given if the project is accepted by the municipality.

In finding the best ideas and approaches, we rely on our worldwide network of partners around our platform MezzaCap. Perhaps the best idea for a project in Vienna will come from an innovative architect in Tokyo or Johannesburg. Through our MezzaCap platform (, there are almost no limits to the idea and its implementation. ImmoGreen Estates wants to open up the enormous potential that results from the networking of the worldwide real estate community.

Specifically, we offer the following range of services to our clients:

  • Initial Project Evaluation
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Financial Planning
  • Project Memorandum
  • Fundraising Support

Leading-edge real-estate intelligence is of the the essence for a promising project. This is where it all starts.

Alfred Dobias

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