Step 4: Facilitating Investors

Real Estate Investments

The development of real estate projects requires money and therefore investors. The mission of ImmoGreen Estates is to operate its own fund for initial project investments (“Kick-Off Fund“), and, additionally, develop a global network of investors to link them to the respective projects.

Investors can rely on the quality of ImmoGreen Estates‘ work. We are already working with a wide range of investors and investment platforms. Moreover, we actively cooperate with leading real estate crowdfunding platforms in Europe and Asia.

ImmoGreen Estates also has its own funds for initial investments. In many cases, appropriate funds are required for the evaluation of projects right from the start. ImmoGreen Estates has the appropriate budget for this. This enables the start of interesting and promising projects within a very short time.

Investors like to work with ImmoGreen Estates and its people because they know that they will carefully assess the quality of the projects and make the right choice. Not every investor wants to invest in every project. In many cases investors have a preference for a certain type of project and/or certain regions. We know our investors and therefore only suggest suitable projects to them.

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