Step 3: Efficient Network of Professionals

ImmoGreen network

The efficient and successful development of a real estate project requires the best professionals such as architects, builders, and craftsmen. The goal of ImmoGreen Estates is, therefore, to connect these professionals through its MezzaCap platform.

In addition, the MezzaCap platform also provides a range of online services to check feasibility and appropriateness before the start of a project. These services are offered by the best experts at fair prices.

The house is designed to be mobile, to set down wherever one might place a car. It has three floors: one for sleeping, one for working and a green-house that are designed to be endlessly adaptable to the owner’s needs. There’s a sand box in the base of the building for balance, so one can simply set the house down wherever there is space, no foundation required.

It’s the combination of textures on the floor and bed, as well as the clear desk chair that takes up little visual space. Notice the boxes under the bed and the narrow wall shelf that add extra dorm storage without taking up too much space. Want a little extra privacy? Hang some curtains from the ceiling using Command Utility Hooks, which can hold a decent amount of weight and are easy to remove without making holes in the walls or ceilings.

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