Crowdsourced & Actionable Real-Estate Intelligence

The age of cybersociety has also affected the real estate business. Physical assets such as land, houses and apartments are being combined with digital approaches to increase their value.

The world of real-estate is more exciting and demanding than ever before. The art of a successful real-estate developer in the dawn of global cybersecurity is to discover the right projects and suitable partners on a global scale deploying innovative technology and approaches. Actionable real-estate intelligence is of the essence and literally worth its words in gold. And like gold, first-class intelligence is also difficult to discover. This is why ImmoGreen Estates has established the MezzaCap platform (, a global crowdsource-based real-estate intelligence platform.

Through our platform, interested people should be able to submit information about potential projects, interesting partners, or ideas. In addition, the MezzaCap platform is intended to network the worldwide real estate industry.

Leading-edge real-estate intelligence is of the the essence for a promising project. This is where it all starts.

Alfred Dobias

Our MezzaCap platform connects not only professionals from the real estate industry such as lawyers, estate agents, architects, designers or builders, but also private individuals who are discovering or looking for real estate projects.

MezzaCap rewards active members on the platform via a reward system. Furthermore, professionals can offer finder fees or rewards for discovering projects and/or clients.