About Us

Alfred Dobias founder of ImmoGreen Estates
Alfred Dobias – Founder and CEO

ImmoGreen Estates PLC, registered in the UK with the company no 12571688, was founded by the Austrian real estate investor and certified investment consultant Alfred Dobias together with friends from all over the world.

The purpose of the company is to offer real estate-related services on the basis of our soon to be launched international real-estate intelligence platform MezzaCap (www.mezzacap.com).  This is an online platform established to gather crowdsourced information from people from different regions, jurisdictions, and cultures. The platform is operated from our London-based office.

The mission of ImmoGreen Estates is to create an efficient worldwide online ecosphere for the identification, financing, and development of real estate projects. We focus on low-volume and medium-volume projects with dollar volumes of up to $50 million.

ImmoGreen Estates positioning

A global real estate intelligence platform can only work if thousands of people from different professions and regions contribute to their knowledge. The members and contributors are to be rewarded for their contributions through a reward system developed for this purpose. This is what we do – we reward contributing members of our MezzaCap platform.

The core of our services portfolio is our innovative MezzaCap real estate intelligence platform, based on crowdsourced information and curation.

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